Elemental Dialogues explores what the implications are when we see, feel, interpret things differently. A film, or films (about the elements) are sent out to artists from other disciplines for them to interpret. To view the Air and Water films Anna made with Pauline Thomas click here.

Anna began working on Elemental Dialogues Earth and Fire in 2013, collaborating with some of the same artists who have now also contributed to Air. If you’d like to get an overview of how Elemental Dialogues developed please check out the Elemental Dialogues website. The idea behind the project this time was much the same, though rather more ambitious in scale, with exciting venues and some high profile artists offering their interpretations.

Pauline Thomas and Anna Cady made two silent films about air and water (view the films on the ‘FILM’ page) and sent it out to selected poets, writers, musicians and sound artists who sent back their interpretations. Anna Cady and Jenny Chamarette use this site to talk about the ideas generated by the work and inviting all contributors to the work to join our conversation.

Site specific interpretations:

Dancers, Suna Imre and  Gabriel Galvez  with artist Melanie Rose performed at an installation of Elemental Dialogues – Fire and Earth at the 10Days Festival in Winchester in 2013 Installations and performances with the Air film toured the UK in 2015 and in 2016 Pip Wright and Faye Dobinson will interpret ‘Water’ with their voices when it is installed in the James Turrell Skyspace at Tremenheere in November – see the Exhibition page.

This film was filmed by Melanie Rose wearing the camera as she responded to the film, music, poetry and to the site itself at the 10Days Festival in Winchester in 2013. Site specific installations and improvised performances of dance, music, poetry, hand-held projection and drawing investigated what it means to interpret.


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