For some years we, Anna Cady (artist film maker) and Jenny Chamarette (film theorist, writer and teacher)  have been thinking and talking about our work. Our conversation has often been about embodiment, especially in relation to film. So we thought it was time to write our talking and thinking down as a blog and invite others to contribute to the conversation.

Elemental Dialogues – ‘Air’ was the current project when we began this blog, now we have finished ‘Water’. The work is based around films Anna made with Pauline Thomas and forms part of the series of  Elemental Dialogues which explores what the implications are when we see, feel, interpret things differently.

The title for the installations of the Air film was ‘Drawing Breath’. We made the film whilst reading Rilke’s Invisible Breath. Pauline was living with terminal cancer and died in Jan 2016. This film, for Pauline was  about one’s last breath – for me (Anna) it was about Pauline’s last breath. The interpreters of the film were not aware of this. For them the film was simply ‘Air’ and they were free to interpret from their point of view, and their discipline. The Water installations are titled ‘A Balancing Act’ – the balance not only refers to the balance of water in the world but also in our (and specifically Pauline’s) body.

Talkthink‘ is our blog, and ‘What‘ is what we’ve done and propose to do…

The image is by Helen Martino made during Melanie Rose’s drawing workshop.