I am Anna Cady and I am the lead artist for Elemental Dialogues. I am collaborating on ‘Air’ with  Jenny Chamarette, thinking and writing about embodied interpretation, and with  Pauline Thomas making the films and installations.  Melanie Rose and Gabriel Galvez contributed live improvised interpretations at the performances and 21 other artists from other disciplines contributed interpretations through sounds and words. Joan McGavin and Jenny Chamarette worked with me to curate the poetry. The complete list of poets and sound artists can be found at the bottom of this page.

Anna Cady: I am a visual artist and curator working Anna crop amnestywithin the disciplines of film, film installation, photography and text. I love making work  co-creatively with others who are not necessarily visual artists or film makers. I have worked recently with children, disabled or terminally ill friends, women politicians in Sierra Leone and conservators at a National Trust property… My films have screened at festivals internationally: Farms of Innocence, screened at Tate Modern and in 2013  30% (women and politics in Sierra Leone)  was selected for the Sundance Film Festival.

PauliPauline at workne Thomas: My background is in working with people experiencing loss in its many
forms and this has underpinned my art practice and been fundamental to my process of exploring the sensation of time passing and the ephemeral. My background in painting, an appreciation of Haiku poetry, and the Eastern aesthetic of transparency and formlessness in Japanese ink drawings have influenced my approach to filming. I am an award winning artist and have exhibited internationally. In 2002, I was awarded The Red Mansion prize, which resulted in a two-month residency working alongside local artists in Yunnan Province, China. This culminated in two exhibitions in 2002, The Long March, Kunming, China and DREAM 02’, Barge House Gallery, London.

Jenny Chamarette: I am a writer exploring creative alternatives to academic scholarship and critical engagement in the form of art writing, curation and programming artist’s moving image work. I am a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London with a background  in continental philosophy, French and non-anglophone cinema and moving image art. I specialise in phenomenological thought, film-philosophy and art theory. Increasingly, I am interested in the ways that bodies and embodiment shape cinematic experience, across fiction, non-fiction and non-theatrical film forms, particularly in terms of disability, ethnicity and gender. Key Publication: Phenomenology and the Future of Film: Rethinking Subjectivity beyond Contemporary French Cinema (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012)

mel cropped

Melanie Rose:  I am an artist based in Hampshire with a studio at my home. My central discipline is drawing; out of which come paintings, film, photography and sound. My studio practice is vital: because it underpins everything I know and talk about. I have shown work with The New Contemporaries and in galleries across the UK. Last year I took part in a drawing residency in Scotland, and at present I am collaborating on an international project with an artist in China. I have a specific interest in tacit drawing and was the featured artist at the promenade performance of Earth and Fire for Elemental Dialogues in 2013 where I wore a  Point of View camera strapped to my body as I drew…

_DSC0124Gabriel Galvez: I am a dancer and dance therapist from Mexico, now living and working as a performer and teacher in the UK. I began my dance and theatre training in the theatre company of the “Veracruz Institute of Culture” later moving to Mexico City to pursue choreography at the “National Institute of Fine Arts” (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes). In 2004 I settled in Spain to follow courses in “Anatomy of Movement” in I’Eix (Palafrugell, Spain) and trained in Japanese Bhuto techniques. In 2010 I achieved my diploma as a Dance Movement Therapist with the “Asociación Aragonesa de Danzaterapia” de Zaragoza. I run workshops for people of all ages and abilities but I especially enjoy working with the elderly and people with physical disabilities. I worked with Anna, and danced with Suna Imre for the promenade performance of Earth and Fire in 2013. On this project I was the the lead dancer, both dancing and choreographing movement for all AIr performances.

Pip Wright is a singing leader and musician with a passion for singing for well – being and connection. Pip will collaborating on an improvised vocal response to ‘Water’ with local multimedia artist Faye Dobinson and will perform at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in the James Turrell Sky Space on 10th November.

The international group of contributing writers and sound artists to Elemental Dialogues – Air and Water are

Aaron D’Sa and  Deepak Venkateshvaran, Abby Wollston and Tara Roman (Stuckey), Angela Rawlings and Sachiko Murakami, Brian Evans-Jones, Briony Bennett, Camilla Nelson, Claire Lock (Hillier), Gareth Evans, Howard Moody, Jan Hendrickse, Joan McGavin, Kate Koning, Katrina Naomi, Norma Daykin and Knud Stuwe, Owen Lowery,  Penelope Shuttle, Sebastiane Hegarty, SJ Fowler, Steven Kemper, Steve Emmerson and Tami Haaland.


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