Water and Air were silent films which we, Anna and Pauline, made as representations of our thoughts about these elements. We did not share our intentions with any of the contributors, so their interpretations are not influenced by our original concept. Discovering how we can accept the interpretations of others is the challenge we face… Drawing Breath referred to Pauline’s last breath, and A Balancing Act referenced the balance of water in her body as she moved towards death. The films have been installed at various sites and have been shared at Roselidden’s The End of the Road Cafe.

12 minute version of ‘Air’ – ‘Drawing Breath’

20 minute version of ‘Water’ –  ‘A Balancing Act’

30 minute version of ‘Air’

One hour version of ‘Water’ with all repeats

Contributing writers and sound artists:

Aaron D’Sa and  Deepak Venkateshvaran, Abby Wollston and Tara Roman (Stuckey), Angela Rawlings and Sachiko Murakami, Brian Evans-Jones, Briony Bennett, Camilla Nelson, Claire Lock (Hillier), Gareth Evans, Howard Moody, Jan Hendrickse, Joan McGavin, Kate Koning, Katrina Naomi, Norma Daykin and Knud Stuwe, Owen Lowery,  Penelope Shuttle, Sebastiane Hegarty, SJ Fowler, Steven Kemper, Steve Emmerson and Tami Haaland.

Pauline Thomas who collaborated with me on making these films died on the 30th Jan 2016