This page gives space to thinking about what it means to interpret. Contributors to Elemental Dialogues ‘Air’ have written about what the process meant for them. This is what we wrote to them:

Both Jenny and I share research interests in embodied creative practice, and the phenomenological experience of film that gives rise to interpretation through other art forms.This film is a visual poem. Please interpret it into your language.

We are not asking you to translate or describe the film, nor to create a piece in response to the film, nor to accompany the film. We are asking you to interpret.How you approach ‘what it means to interpret’ is really of interest to us, so please consider this carefully before you begin – using the language and perspective of your creative practice.

Links to words about interpreting from: Briony Bennett / Stephen Kemper / Howard Moody / Sebastiane Hegarty / Jan Hendrickse / Owen Lowery / Brian Evans-Jones

Sarah Maitland wrote about the impossibility (for her) of interpreting this ‘visual poem’