A Balancing Act – at Mottisfont (NT) .

Pauline Thomas, who died in January 2016, and who made this work with me, would be thrilled to know that Romsey Film Festival and Southampton Film Week have invited ‘Elemental Dialogues – Water’ to be part of their programmes this year at Mottisfont, the fabulous National Trust house, garden and gallery, just near Romsey. .

Pauline and I based our creation of this short film around the importance of the balance of water in both the body and the world. As Pauline’s body struggled to cope with bone cancer her kidneys struggled to maintain the correct balance of water in her body, just as the world struggles with the effects of water levels due to climate change.

We filmed in and around my home in Hampshire, projecting into the clear chalk streams and filming at the dead of night. This film is not constructed digitally, you have to imagine Pauline and I hanging over the bank at Ovington with projectors and cameras – and my husband Paul holding onto our belts and tripods to prevent us falling in… and me saying ‘Pauline, you should be going home’ and Pauline saying, ‘couldn’t we just try one more over here…’ She said one day as she climbed exhaustedly into her car (it was nearly the last day we met to work together) she said, ‘do you know, I felt normal today…’

When asking poets and sound artists to interpret the film we simply told them,  that it was called ‘Water’, and then left them to create their own interpretation through their own discipline. Each interpretation, each piece of music, sound art, poem, piece of writing transforms the meaning of the film.

Because there is no one truth, only competing stories.


24th Sept to 1st Oct 2016 – Elemental Dialogues – Water is the fourth in the series and the last to be made in collaboration with Pauline who died in January this year. Our Water film combined with interpretations will be installed in the Cellarium at Mottisfont. Open daily.

6th November 2016 – 2.30-4.30 in the Cellarium. A live performance of poems and music improvised to interpret the film ‘Water’. Please come and celebrate.

Writing and Sound: Contributions from Tara Roman (Stuckey), Brian Evans-Jones, Briony Bennett, Camilla Nelson, Claire Lock (Hillier), Gareth Evans, Joan McGavin,  Katrina Naomi, Norma Daykin and Knud Stuwe, Owen Lowery,  Penelope Shuttle, Sebastiane Hegarty, SJ Fowler, Steven Kemper and Tami Haaland.




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